Announcing the Official Release of Giada 1.0 Open-Source Loop Machine: Discover What’s New

Today marks the release of Giada 1.0, the first full version of this open-source, simplistic, and intense loop machine and music production software aimed at DJs, live performers, and electronic musicians.

Given that this is a significant update, anticipate Giada 1.0 to unveil major new features. Among these are a revamped main window with vertical audio meters, an overhauled Column menu for better usability, and a new Velocity Editor widget in the Sample Channel Action Editor.

In this release, recursive buffer rendering is implemented, the Main Menu is redesigned with macOS compatibility in mind, there is added support for showing the beat number in the Main Sequencer, and provision for sending MIDI data via armed channels to external devices.

From this release onwards, Giada will automatically detect the default audio device if the user does not specify one. Giada 1.0 also optimizes the audio preview rendering, now only activated when the Sample Editor is open, and improves zooming using the mouse wheel in the Sample and Action Editors.

Various bugs were addressed as well to fix some operations in the Sample Editor that didn’t work correctly, fix the grid not showing up correctly in the Sample Editor, and fix the Record-on-signal mode so that it deactivates after recording audio and properly quit.

For Linux users, this release removes duplicated .desktop file generation and updates the metainfo.xml file. Of course, some refactoring and code cleanups are also present in this update to make Giada more stable and reliable when producing music.

For more details, check out the release notes on the project’s official website, from where you can also download Giada 1.0.0 as a universal AppImage binary that lets you run the software on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything. You can also install Giada as a Flatpak app from Flathub.

Image credits: monocasual laboratories

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