End of the Road for Solitaire, Sudoku and More in Ubuntu 24.04

Ubuntu developers have decided to halt the inclusion of games in future installations.

In the bygone version, Ubuntu 23.10 by default delivered a minimal installation comprising only the fundamental software (such as a terminal and web browser). Though users had an option to choose a “complete installation” which preloaded additional software, inclusive of a set of simple GNOME games.

In Ubuntu 23.10 and prior, the following 4 games were offered:

  • Aisleriot Solitaire
  • Mahjongg
  • Mines
  • Sudoku

But in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS none are.

For the Noble Numbat, no games will be installed as part of the full install option and won’t be present in the ISO (which includes all of the software used in a full install so that people opting for a full install can install everything they need without an internet connection).

When I started this blog, Ubuntu came with around 15 games (the entire gnome-games meta-package, I believe). In 2010 it reduced the number of games it offered to a smaller selection and, excluding the occasional modification in the following years, the same games have consistently been available.

Well, that’s no longer the case.

Developers of Ubuntu have stated their belief that these games do not truly illustrate what Ubuntu and the broader Linux community can provide to gamers.

The removal of these games also creates some extra space, approximately 65MB. This total is formed from ~15MB belonging to the games and ~50MB originating from a dependency required only for one game. To steer clear of calculations, these figures have been somewhat reduced.

Will the absence of these games be noticed or matter to anyone?

From one perspective, Ubuntu’s decision to eliminate games from its full installation package could be perceived as somewhat mirthless. Although not the principal reason for installing an operating system, a number of straightforward games included in the full package contribute to forming a comprehensive and diverse computing experience.

On the other hand, I conjecture that the majority of individuals who need to kill 5 minutes while waiting for a download to finish, code to compile or a render job to complete, engage in actions similar to mine: they open a new browser tab and engage in some reading, or they utilize their smartphone.

For clarity, I explain the following:

  • The alteration only “influences” those who opt for the “full installation” option
  • In case of an upgrade to version 24.04, these games will not be eliminated/uninstalled
  • All the games remain archived for individuals wishful of installing them
  • Indicating that something is transpiring does not indicate “clickbait”
  • Making a report about a decision doesn’t instigate hostility
  • I (Joey) do not possess any fundamental/strong viewpoint regarding this matter

Therefore, I reckoned it would be prudent to let you know.

I’m interested in hearing whether anyone here plays these games, whether it’s occasionally or frequently. I also want to know your opinion on Ubuntu including games in its standard (not minimal) installation.



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