Introducing Shotcut 24.02: The Latest Release of Open-Source Video Editor with Ambisonic Audio Support

The updated version of the free, cross-platform, open-source video editor Shotcut has been released. This is the 24.02 version, which comes with the addition of Ambisonic spatial (spherical) audio support, several enhancements, and fixes for bugs.

The Shotcut 24.02 release followed a month after the Shotcut 24.01 version. It brings into the fold a feature for full-sphere surround sound format, known as Ambisonic. This can be accessed via Settings > Audio Channels. This format is particularly essential for 360° videos and can choose to be output either as spherical or reframed into a rectangle.

This update introduces a new element called the Ambisonic Decoder in audio filter in Shotcut. This functionality lends a simple way for users to record in the Ambisonic format and then convert it to 5.1 surround sound. Furthermore, it allows the conversion of Ambisonic audio to binaural or stereo sound suitable for headphones.

Taking advantage of the Ambisonic audio support is also the Ambisonic metadata that introduces “Set Equirectangular” when there is any track having 4 audio channels. Plus, a new “Copy Parameters” is now available to 360 video filters. This can very well be combined with the Ambisonic Decoder > Paste Parameters option.

Shotcut 24.02 also adds support for the AMD AV1 hardware encoder on Linux and Windows systems, features automatic vertical scrolling in the timeline when a track is moved, and supports altering the duration of image clips on the Timeline, contingent on Ripple.

Highlights of this release also comprise of enhanced selection in the Timeline post various operations, refined behavior when changing Properties > Speed when Timeline > Ripple is active, escalated speed when unlocking a timeline project, and improved management of audio and video clips when detaching audio leading to their independent grouping.

Also featured in this release are a dozen bug fixes that amplify various functions and features of the application, including adding audio filters in reverse order, converting HLG HDR to Rec, the Mixdown audio filter, the Normalize: One Pass audio filter, Loop Selection on the timeline, the Wave video filter, incorrect gamma in preview player, and more.

Check out the release notes for extra reading and technical details about the changes included in this update. Meanwhile, you can download Shotcut 24.02 from the official website as a universal AppImage or portable Linux binary, or install it as a Flatpak app from Flathub.

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