PeaZip 9.7: An Archive Tool Now Offering Support for ARM64 Linux

A new version of PeaZip, a popular free, open-source archive manager for Windows, macOS, and Linux, is available to download.

PeaZip 9.7 is the first release to offer a native build for AArch64/ARM64 Linux. This means anyone can now use PeaZip on devices like the Raspberry Pi 4 & 5, the PineBook Pro, Lenovo X13s Gen 1, and similar.

Although experimental testing and community-based ports of PeaZip for ARM have been available in the past PeaZip 9.7 is the first formal, native, official, etc build — though it’s provided as a portable build only (i.e. not a DEB or RPM).

PeaZip 0.7.0 running in Ubuntu 23.10

Another enhancement in this version is the upgraded scripting generation engine of PeaZip, now offering the choice to use strdin/stdout pipe for creating and decompressing TAR archives. This doesn’t impact the GUI app (which most users prefer) but affects scripts created using the app that operate separately.

PeaZip 9.7 also supports Brotli 1.1.0 and Zstd 1.5.5 backends, allows smart filename sorting in the file browser to be enabled or disabled, enhances translation loading, and rectifies an Qt5 selection problem.

In terms of appearance, PeaZip introduces an upgraded “button” alternative tab style, with vertical tabs in Options screen stylized based on the chosen theme tab style.

For further details, visit the official PeaZip changelog.

Download PeaZip 9.7

You can download PeaZip 9.7 from the project website or from the assets listed on the the GitHub releases page for this release.

Both places provides installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux, with the latter offering DEB installers for Ubuntu.

Alternatively, PeaZip is available on Flathub.

Why use PeaZip?

Ubuntu offers the File Roller archive manager by default (plus the Nautilus file manager can perform basic extract and zipping natively). For most of us, that’s all we’ll ever need.

But for for more advanced needs PeaZip provides a solid alternative, especially if you need to work with less-common archive formats, or tackle more advanced tasks that may benefit from scripting.

PeaZip supports ZIP, RAR, TAR, ZST, and 7z archives (among many others); passwords and AES encryption; the ability to split and merge archives; batch processing; a file browser to look within archives prior to extraction; and excellent performance even on lower-end devices.



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